Sadist K.

Kein Haus-& Hotelbesuch, aber im komplett eingerichteten Studio macht es auch mehr Spass.


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From now on I can be reached again!

I am a young sadist with a wide range of experience from the private SM and prison play area.



With me you can experience a special consequence & sadism. I especially like long term imprisonment, where I wear down my lawless and defenceless prisoner with my special measures until he confesses. Thereby restrictive metal shackles and sensory deprivation, waterboarding, stays in narrow cages can come up to you.







My imagination knows no bounds when it comes to punishing the prisoner. I also enjoy extended Tease & Denial sessions. I take pleasure in your suffering and excitement while you admire my graceful body.




If you are obedient and bear with all my wickedness, I may deliver you from chastity in the end. I will gladly make you my money slave and find out how much your orgasm is really worth to you.




My other preferences include electric torture, human ashtray, pet play, slaps, golden shower games… This list is constantly growing.


Taboos: sexual intercourse, KV, vomit, wrestling, baby play, TV play



phone: +49 (0)178 127 76 07


Welcome to the Atelier Exposure Dresden.