24/7 slavery


REAL SM—, TOTAL CLINIC TOTAL — TOILET TRAINING (complete) – the best place for the experts and for beginners


You want to live as a serf in real life, where and how the owner Syonera wants it? By means of a chastity belt you will be kept chaste for a very long time. You wear the things that are assigned to you, you eat and drink what you get from me. If you work too slowly or only when I want it, I will chastise you severely. In my dresden cellar dungeon you live and sleep chained. Everything that belongs to you, belongs to me! Of course you will always work very hard for your owner every day.

If you’re serious, get in touch with me. You can also try it for a week, a month or longer, to see if it is really your nature.

Syonera von Styx