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I’m on holiday in Paraguay until mid-February and will be posting about it on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.




My slave No. 12 made this according to my orders. The copyright is of course mine. If you want to buy one of the numbered unique pieces, please contact me under Whats up 0049.179.7104499 or by mail: You can also get this by name signature on the collar of the lady & a small shield chain at the slave with engraving. Furthermore, this is still manufactured in the version man/man & woman/woman & presented here.

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Do you want to be at the service of lady syonera? Then work out a slave number for yourself, choose your t-shirt design, name your size and send it to Here you can find the t-shirts.


My new dildo series can now be purchased from me on request under 0049(0)179.7104499 or 0041.79.2595083 (via WhatsApp) – email:

The dildo set (8 pieces) – diameter is 30 -70 mm each 20 cm long and diameter 80 / 90 and 100 mm each 25 cm long. Without handle logically. Colours natural, black and red.


Mistress Syonera adorns the new music album of the dresden band “Generation Breakdown”. Here the music video.

Click on the picture for more information.

The reportage with Syonera von Styx on television on “RTL Extra” can be seen HERE.


  • My new drinking cups to my new club in dresden. More about my club:
  • phone: 0049(0)179.7104499 or 0041.79.2595083 (via WhatsApp) – email:
  • NEW!!! Mistress Fedora von der Preussen can be found from now on in Chalet SvS. More here here
  • Mistress Medusa Manie is in Hof from 11 – 17.10., in Munich from 27 – 30.10. and in Cologne from 17 – 19.11.
  • NEW!!! Mistress Jana is now available under the new phone number : 0049(0)1522 – 300 0159.
  • NEW!!! All ladies of the chalet-SvS now also offer online education and training. Please contact the lady of your choice.
  • NEW!!! Luisa von Braun is now new in the chalet SvS. More HERE
  • NEW!!! Lady Euphemia Rigorosa is now new in the chalet SvS. More HERE 
  • My new clip can now be viewed HERE.
  • NEW!!! An automatic turnstile can be seen in my new location. More HERE
  • My new online club trailer can now be watched HERE.
  • You now have the unique opportunity to be wanked off by the dominatrix exclusively by electricity under duress. More HERE
  • The play rooms at Atelier Exposure are now air-conditioned so that the perfect SM experience is guaranteed even in hot times.
  • An interview with me on the blog of dominatrix Lady Sas can be found HERE.
  • Beautiful wristwatches can now be ordered as new products. – More HERE
  • Well, who is talented in craftsmanship and lives near dresden? He can contact me at You have the chance to participate of the work on my new SM studio and club.
  • DVD “- Syonera von Styx – The Dominatrix – My will be done!” More information HERE and scroll down to the bottom
  • Specials!!! – Your own blood count and liquid latex –  More HERE
  • Online chastity is also possible. More about this HERE under the category chastity.
  • HYPNOSIS: Between heaven & hell there is more than we think. If you can let yourself go and trust me, then you will experience yourself anew. Blockades can be released, smoking cessation is possible, chastity can be endured for me. Many things are possible. But above all you are closer to your dominatrix than before. Syonera
  • Only for women and for Leipzig or for Dresden: Are you BDSM interested, stylish, autonomous and with your own personality? Then you’ve come to the right place. From May our noble SM railway station opens under my management. It is located in the middle of the city and can be reached quickly via the motorway. About 200 sqm are available for the freelance ladies who want to work there. The location has been lovingly renovated and has every comfort. So there are available beside 2 black play rooms, a clinic, changing room, jail, bath tub room, a modern lounge, a kitchen with dining area and a noble bathroom. Further questions about renting through me.
  • For my slaves the milking machine is now waiting in dresden to be used. It sucks out your semen in all capacities… pictures you can find HERE.
  • In dresden is now new the table with integrated cage, table top with opening for the neck. The mistress will have her fun with you. You can find pictures HERE. (scroll down)
  • Under products you will find thermo cups, mugs, calendars, t-shirts and much more from our team, the individual ladies or Syonera. Photos at the button “products”.
  • New TV sluts can be viewed at specials.
  • From now on you can get a yearly subscription for used stockings / ladies shoes or signed photos. Just ask for it.
  • Cosmetic products completely harmless, but the mistress always with you. What a kick. You can also order this with the lady of your choice against prepayment. 10,– € each. Further information at the button “products”.
  • Do you feel like a real prison stay near dresden? More information can be found at “Specials”.
  • Are you feminine and showy? Get in touch with me for my shows. 0049(0)179.7104499 oder