Mistress Medusa Manie

Atelier Exposure Dresden

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Medusa Mania – Classical Dominatrix – impressive 1.80 m – noble – consequence – sustainable – sadistic

You will be my object, servant of my vices and passions.

Soon again the lock-away-special with Mistress Jana. More at SPECIAL.

For you a game, for me it is passion.
Tied up, locked up, as a servant will you wait for me.
Whether masochistic or submissive, you will let yourself fall.
Proximity and distance are yours if you follow my rules.
My imagination reaches far beyond your limits.
Authentic, discreet, consistent and mercilessly good I will face you.
By the way, I also give beginners a chance to introduce them professionally to SM and to complete them …
I like classical education, tunnel games, latex education, breath reduction, bastonade/flag/spanking, slaps, branding/cutting, CBT, nailing/needles/clinic games (like catheter, syringes, infusions), anal stretching (also fisting, strap-on), Bondage/shackles/mummification, dirty games (NS, spitting, vomit, possibly KV), electricity.

Role plays of all kinds are possible such as pupil and teacher, prisoner and guard, doctor and patient etc.

My taboos: intimate contacts of any kind, wrestling & baby games.

email: medusa@chalet-svs.com
phone: 0049(0)162-713 13 56