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t- Shirt design 1


t-shirt design 2


t-shirt design 3



My new dildo series can now be purchased from me on request under 0049(0)179.7104499 or 0041.79.2595083 (via WhatsApp) – email:

The dildo set (8 pieces) – diameter is 30 -70 mm each 20 cm long and diameter 80 / 90 and 100 mm each 25 cm long. Without handle logically. Colours natural, black and red.


Various wrist watches 60,- € plus 5,- € shipping








Women’s shoes, boots & stockings can also be purchased used. If you are a connoisseur, you can buy the delicacies like golden shower, spit…of the mistresses.

From now on you can get a yearly subscription to purchase used stockings / ladies shoes or signed photos. Just ask for it.


The perfumes

The women’s perfume “Nera” & the men’s perfume “Syonè”, which i created, can be purchased for 55 EUR each or can be purchased in my locations.

With another order you can order free samples.

round wall clock made of glass ca. 18 cm – for 49,– €

NEW!!! Cosmetic products, completely harmless but the mistress always with you …. What a kick. You can also order this with the lady of your choice against advance payment. 10,– € each.


cups – each 19,– €

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thermo mugs- each 19,– €


t-shirts from size S to XXL (also with other desired motif) € 29,– each



stimulating balm

Syonera von Styx developed the balm for stimulation in cooperation with a renowned cosmetics company. This is simply massaged into the best piece and after a short time the effect begins. It feels hot and cold at the same time. The blood circulation is increased and the horny feeling lasts longer. The balsam also cares for your skin, as it contains a lot of aloe vera. It is a purely biological product. If you like it hotter and harder, there is also the more concentrated version. It would be possible to order a free sharper sample for testing with a “normal” balm order. It is suitable for men and women. The fact is, however, that it has a definite effect and does not have the same effect as the usual products on the market. 60 ml of the normal balm and 50 ml of the sharper balm cost 17,– € each. Let us surprise you.….
Order via email:

Here is a field report from a couple:

  • From the description, we can confirm the effect, warm and cool at the same time as well as slightly tingling skin sensation (makes you want, without question). Even just massaging it into the penis is fun (both for me and for her), the effect is a little stronger at the tip of the penis or clitoris (especially nice). When the cool tingling starts, you are simply inclined to continue even if it is just masturbation (each other or just parallel each for himself). With my partner it led to a spontaneous erection of the clitoris, which she had never experienced before. On the skin around the anus the same feeling is felt, warm, cool and tingling. It has inspired the desire for anal intercourse. In any case, we will use the balm more often, in the future in the sharper version. It’s good that the balm is available.

…and from two mens:

  • Fact is, it stimulates my penis by the warmth/cold, the fuck antennas react extremely to it (get hard quickly, stand off and are more sensitive than WITHOUT) and my butt hole is very irritated, because I am virgin there! It is nevertheless beguiling if someone would then still use the places. In any case, the product makes enormous pleasure! … I feel goose bumps on the rest of my body, comfortable to lust, skin is sensitive, my butt rebels a little, because it is unusual…but still pleasant this twitching.


  • So it was an experience to get it massaged in.
    It is initially very cool when applied and its consistency is natural, not like oil, which means that the amount of balm used can be massaged in for a very long time. After a while it becomes pleasantly warm and I enjoyed it all over my penis, especially naturally in the particularly sensitive areas. :-)) I don’t know whether it was the balm or my arousal but the “result” was that I had an erection that I had not known for a long time and that lasted for an enormously long time.


the key ring

for 10,00 € each in PVC


19,00 €

  19,00 € in soft khaki