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Atelier Exposure Dresden

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From now until the beginning of March, I can only be reached via the following phone number: 0041792595083 by WhatsApp or by e-mail:!


Mistress Syonera from Styx

  • HYPNOSIS: Between heaven & hell there is more than we think. If you can let yourself go & trust me, then you experience yourself anew. Blockades can be solved, smoking cessation is possible, chastity can be endured for me. Many things are possible. But above all you are closer to your mistress than before.
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  • Herr is my new SM show “Decadence” & the 2nd show “FIRE” Here  shown as a premiere at the WastelandParty on stage in April 2016 & for the new shows see my page


Syonera by Styx (late 30s, 180cm)

-Classic dominatrix since 20y. SM Actor & Model
Are you looking for something special?  True classic dominance?  Then you are exactly at the right place with Me.
I am Syonera Von Styx the head of the Atelier Exposure Dresden. A 2 floors, 200 m² with cellar exit ( Also head of Petit Chateau in zurich & the SM-Bahnhof-Leipzig ( Now also a new club in Dresden the SM-Club for parties, a genuine place to rent & celebrate
I place great value in psychological counseling with a focus on fetish or SM on preliminary and follow-up talks, because I am interested in the tendencies, not just immediate fantasies, the developments of the guests, where an ART self-discovery takes place in the perfect setting and “safe hands”, where we identify and expand the limits. I strongly believe that “Only if you trust me and let yourself go, only then we can truly dive into the bizarre world” and lose track of time.  However – without open communication this is impossible …
Therefore, you can be sure a tailored experience, and varies types of sessions with me. Wether you are a true masochists or just a submissive, my sadistic inclination-and dominance will really come to light. I’m not just a tall 180 cm, strong lady, but I believe my charisma, understanding and flexibility are the key to drive you far. I always had very fine instinct, I immediately recognize the “weak points” of my counterpart and use them mercilessly if he get lazy, challenge, or provoke by deviating from my principles.
My beautiful appearance is camouflage.  There is a real dominant sadist in me – which can be seen in my extreme films (  You can feel my charisma not only in my individual sessions, the many photos & clips in Ms. Styx`s Member Club (, but also in my SM shows on stage (
A new option is the possibility of hypnosis paired with a session.  Also NEW !!  I created the music video of the Dresden band “GenerationBreakdown”. You can check the link here:
You want to know me and my team more, You can easily get to do so by joining the community education in my studios.
–Lifestyle dominatrix “Syonera Von Styx” Lots of options for a versatile, and unique Goddess.
The 20 years experience allows me to welcome the beginners and give them the needed introduction, and lead them step by step to be immersed in the true SM experience, 
Be serious and understand what is SM, to be a welcomed playmates, Don’t make me turn away as i’m not willing to waste my valuable time!
You can reach me via
Tel. 0049 (0) 179/710 44 99 or 0041.79.2595083 (also accessible via WhatsApp)



My commandments during a session with submissives:
For the submissive slave:
  • If you are a beginner, you should have discovered at least one tendency in yourself.  Then I will discuss these with you, deepen & expose more.
 Don’t be fooled though, Games are of course, need to meet my inclinations!
  • Hands and arms are to be kept tightly pressed to the side of the body when the passive is kneeling or standing in front of me!
  • The playmate does not speak uninvited!  If urgent/ important then this is tight and precise! 
  • Of course, everyone must immediately follows all my orders and carries them out 100% as instructed.
  • Always greet me & say goodbye by kissing my footwear!  His hands will regret there existence if they slide on my knee or even higher without being asked!
 What do I want / like:
I can’t particularly prefer/ like one special practices. It would be too boring to limit the experience to only one area of ​​the SM.  Therefore I want to reach the individual limits of my counterpart & expand them a little.  But in principle you can experience everything that you can be read on my below questionnaire: 
 Syonera von Styx has the following preferences:
  •  Leather, latex, lacquer & business clothing, uniforms
  •  flogging, slapping
  •  CBT & tits torture
  •  wax games
  •  bondage
  •  Foil mummification
  •  suspensions
  •  Dirty Games (NS, spitting, KV)
  •  role-playing games (animal education, baby, trill, interrogation, governess, TV, prisoner …)
  •  Anal treatments, fisting, enemas
  •  tailored treatments
  •  Foot / shoe, nylon fetishism
  •  masks, gags
  •  reduced breath
  •  white area (needles, injections, infusions, cuts, sutures, catheters, bladder irrigation, gastric tubes, piercing, blood sampling)
  •  Branding & tattoo
  •  Shave, waxing
  •  plastering
  •  Latex sauna & leather bag lockups
  •  Dungeon cages (also stay overnight)
  •  community education
  •  facesitting
  •  Leather, latex, lacquer & business clothing, uniforms … ..
  •  HYPNOSIS: There is more between heaven and hell than we think.  If you can let yourself go & trust me, you will relive yourself.  Blockages can be released, smoking cessation is possible, chastity can occur for me.  A lot is possible.  But above all  are you closer to your mistress than before …



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