NEW!!! Luisa von Braun


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Subtle and respectful dominance is what distinguishes me.

You are curious, don’t know yet what you really like or where your taboos lie and without experience? I introduce you professionally into the slave role.

Does it tempt you to be helpless and powerless to give yourself completely over to me? Give in to your desire and come into my control.

You place yourself in my hands, with all your senses. You are inferior to me and you will serve me!

I am a multifaceted and consistent dominatrix who appreciates the imaginative interplay between strictness and erotic closeness.

I like your ouch and the sounds of spanking and you may choose between “mercy” or “gag”.

I like:


Role plays

TV maid

Anal treatment

foot fetish

Slaps in the face, flogging

spit on, NS & KV

Breast & tail treatment

  • clamps, electricity, tying, wax, needles, whip, branding, shaving, hair pulling, weights, spraying, fingernails, needle

Breath control with:

  • masks/ gag
  • hands
  • facesitting

Be my bench, litter bin.

Foil mummifications are also welcome.

My material fetish:

  • lacquer
  • Leather
  • Latex
  • Nylon


  • wrestling & baby games, sexual intercourse


You reach me:

phone:  0049(0)162.8162351


Welcome to the Atelier Exposure Dresden.