online education and training

REAL SM—, TOTAL CLINIC TOTAL — TOILET TRAINING (complete) – the best place for the experts and for beginners




So I can educate and train you mainly via WhatsApp, but also Skype, Email, Facebook( FB), Letters or Cam. You may choose. Ask for the tribute amount.

  • A photo of your choice for 20 Euro each (resolution 20 x 30 cm) by print or online in highest resolution)
  • With a present like some golden shower, a pissed stringtanga, – stumps etc. from me, you are in for 40 Euro. If you even want my KV, it costs 80 Euros.
  • The prices for Blackmails you can ask for.




Tell me what you can afford & how the breeding form can be carried out, see above.

Then tell me how you want to pay – for example by: – bank transfer, cash letter, amazon voucher, paypal, paysafe, cash and go ( There is a meeting just to hand over the money. Maybe I’ll let you kiss my boots or pumps and then you’ll be sent away again.) or notarised promissory notes.

  • So it only works with advance payment. When I have received your payment and your completed questionnaire, your breeding will start.





One of the strongest means to control the slave is his greed for sexual fulfillment. If a key mistress has your sex drive under control, you are completely in her hands. A chastity belt of plastic or metal is put on the slave. The mistress takes all the keys (of course it was Syonera`s lock) and is his key mistress from that moment on. The Lady will decide with pleasure how long the slave will not have an orgasm anymore. Even begging will not help anymore. At regular meetings the slave will be released from the chastity belt under the supervision of the key mistress for hygienic reasons and can only hope for the mercy of the mistress.

ONLINE solution:
You buy a chastity belt (this is also possible from me) if you don’t have one. Then you buy a marked combination lock from me for 20,– €. I send it to you and you put it on. As proof, I will only accept a photo with a daily newspaper. The lock can only be opened later if I have given you the number combination.

The tribute is determined in advance. For a deposit an adjustable plastic chastity belt can be borrowed from me.


Syonera von Styx