Miss Lopez

Atelier Exposure Dresden

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If you are tempted to be helpless and powerless, to surrender yourself to me, then experience how I dominate you and you are controlled by me. I punish you so long that you become dependent on me, you will be addicted to my humiliation and punishment. Imagine how I make you submissive to my mind games and exploit you unconditionally. Then give in to your lust now and put yourself under my control.


I dominate over your thoughts, senses and bring them into harmony with your body. As a dominatrix I decide which areas we go to, because I want it to be fun. You can experience many forms of BDSM with me, you can find out more about it under the category Service. Go to the dark side and satisfy your desire. Your preferences are important to me, only if I know them properly, I can teach you a lesson that will finally make your dreams come true.                         

Only with prior appointment!

phone: 0049(0)174.5833534
email: lopez@chalet-svs.com


Welcome to the Atelier Exposure Dresden.