New!!! Lady Euphemia Rigorosa


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With my 30 years I bring along a lot of experience from the private BDSM-play area, so you can let yourself go in the intensive play with me.

My preferences range from soft DS to intensive play and hard sessions lasting several hours. During the session I will guide you with my dominant style always strict and consistent.

I enjoy torturing you in a session with me, inflicting pain and seeing you suffer through me.

I enjoy that it makes you horny when I beat you, work you with clamps and wax or I take your breath in a controlled way.

Whether you like caning, spanking or whipping – you are at the right address with me.

Another great passion for me is the prison play. I love it to lock you as my prisoner in hand and footcuffs for a longer period of time in a cell, to force you to confess by various torture methods like flogging, electric torture or waterboarding or to punish you severely for your offence.

My other preferences are: Bondage (rope, metal, foil), CBT, needles, anal treatment, strap on,

I will make you with my strict and consequently dominant way to what you are for me – my fun object.

Even as a beginner you are in good hands with me and are welcome. I will slowly introduce you to the subject and with my sensitive but still very dominant way I will make sure that you can fully engage with your first experiences in the studio.

My taboos are: sexual intercourse, KV

Appointments are possible with me flexibly throughout the day.


phone: 0049(0)160-7687056


Welcome to the Atelier Exposure Dresden.